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Clifford Farms

Provo, Utah

Owners Julie and Rich Clifford breed and raise berkshire pigs, supply us with our herbs, eggs, and honey.

Caputo's / A Priori

Salt Lake City, Utah

Caputo’s is a family owned Italian deli and market. Anything meat, cheese, and oil they have it.

Snuck Farm

Pleasant Grove, Utah

Brian, Page, and Steph, this trio does an outstanding job growing hydroponic greens and seasonal fruit year around. Having that availability as a chef is incredible just like their produce

Allred Orchards

Payson, Utah

Delicious apples and peaches.

Chavez Farms

Orem, Utah

Farm is just around the corner from Pizzeria 712, supplies us with vegetables and fruit.

Cook's Greenhouse

Orem, Utah

Cook’s supplies us fruits, vegetables, and the biggest onions I have ever seen

Rockhill Creamery

Richmond, Utah

Pete Schroff and Jennifer Hines could be my second parents. Farmstead cheese using raw milk from the most beautiful cows.

Christiansen Hog Heaven

Vernon, Utah

Owned by Christian Christiansen—no joke.  He raises pigs more humanely than anyone and that makes their chops finer than the rest.

Amano Chocolate

Orem, Utah

Owner Art Pollard creates single source chocolate out of his local factory. We like it and so does the rest of the world.

La Barba Coffee

Salt Lake City, Utah

Single source coffee, small-batch roasted, charming.

Tea Grotto

Salt Lake City, Utah

Loose leaf teas are blended to perfection.  Not your grandmother’s Lipton

Sugar Sweet Produce


Corn, Corn, Corn.

Harward Farms

Provo, Utah

Corn, fruits, vegetables, great local farm stand.

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