Growing a Community

September 11th, 2012

Dig deep into your memories and find your sophomore or junior year of high school. If you shuffle through those
precious few moments when you were awake during biology class, you might remember learning about ecosystems.
Ecosystem: a community of organisms and their environment, interacting together as an intricate system. There’s
a word in there that is truly powerful: community.

Communities are created when groups of people interact and work together. Provo’s unique culture has produced a
singular community, a community where families, students, and businesses thrive.

Here at Communal, we have thrust our roots deep into the rich community soil of Provo. We believe that Provo’s
unique community depends on the interaction between neighbors, businesses, and families. We depend on the people
who come to enjoy our food, we also depend on our employees, and on the local farmers and ranchers who sell us
their produce. Every person in this valley contributes something important to Provo’s cultural environment, and
we work hard to contribute something too.

At Communal, we encourage our guests to sit with one another, to get to know each other. You might find yourself
eating steak with a local business owner, or sipping wine with an architect from Seattle. When you visit Communal,
you’re doing more than eating. You are helping the Provo community to grow, you are creating cultural nutrients
for Provo’s ecosystem.

Everyone has something to contribute. Each person has a different life, a different experience. Our lives and our
experiences can be shared, they can be, in a word, communal. We’d love to get to know you, and we’d love to help
you intertwine yourself with the local community.

What do you love about Provo? What do you love about your community? Tell us about it in a comment on our blog,
or come join us for a meal at Communal!

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Erik Westesen