Dining in Utah County

January 23rd, 2013

Trying to decide where to eat out can be a difficult decision and often times we just end up going to the same
places over and over again. Instead of going to back to your go-to restaurant, break out of your normal dining
routine by trying one of the best restaurants in Utah, right here in Provo. From the owners of Pizzeria 712
comes another excellent restaurant—Communal.

Located in downtown Provo, Communal offers an excelent dining experience with a unique atmosphere. Communal is
all about genuine hospitality. Enjoy conversations with the guests next to you when you sit at the big communal
table. There are also a private tables if you prefer a quieter dining experience. Or if you prefer to watch the
kitchen team as they prepare the meals, take a seat at the bar.

The food at Communal is based on the concept of quality and local products. Only fresh, local, and in-season
ingredients are used. And because the menu is seasonal, you get a different dining experience each time you come
in. The dishes are well thought out so you can enjoy every individual flavor. The menu is a-la-carte and dishes are
served family style, which makes easy for everyone to have a taste of everything. From the taste to the presentation,
Communal is committed to excellence.

If you like great food and great company, do yourself a favor and fill your life with joy and excellent food by coming
into Communal today.